Fill the space

Entirely with energy in matter

Represent the Moon, the Earth, the Universe

Whatever it is that needs to be laid out at our feet

So that we will see, so that we will connect, so that we will change

Pay attention to Mother Nature and the wholeness and balance she brings

The planets, their motion and movement around each other forming a dance

The seasons, the land, the oceans, the trees, oh we love the trees, lungs of our planet

Absorbing toxins, taking in our poisons and converting them to nectar for us to breathe

The flowers, their soft fragrance and mathematical purity, brilliance of colour, magnificence

Our core mammalian family, the animals that we abuse, misuse, consume without thought

For their well-being. Their existence, like ours, deserves respect, deserves care and love

The fish in the seas that we steal for our needs without thinking of the wholeness

Not enough thought for the consequences of our actions, how dare we!

Such bold arrogance, such thoughtlessness, such foolishness

Our egos demanding even more of everything

Depriving us of our own humanity

Fools we can be