The picture above is called ‘whoosh’ and depicts the moment of freedom from perceived limits. Breaking out of limited thinking allows us to move into new and exciting territory.

The following picture is called ‘Deepa’ and is a commission I produced for a friend. It is about flows of energy, personality and badminton.


The following picture is called ‘Modes’. It depicts four differing states of mind – focused and driven, open and creative, organising and categorising, energised and vibrant.


The following picture is called ‘New Territory’ and was produced at a workshop I did with Sharon Withers of No Naked Walls. I was able to push into new territory trying some techniques that I had not previously explored.


The next piece is the matching partner to ‘New Territory’ above. Therefore it is called ‘Partner’.


The next piece is called ‘It is what it is; I am what I am’. It depicts the moment of connection we have with ourselves and with the world where everything just fits. It could be likened to ‘being in the zone’, Samadhi in the yoga sutras, transcendence, self-actualisation, total acceptance; there are many ways of describing the same thing from different perspectives. It is these moments that I wish to help others find in their lives in my well-being work.

The next piece is called ‘The journey à la Hockney’ as it was inspired by visiting an amazing exhibition of the life works of David Hockney at Tate Britain in London. It depicts a journey through our own psychology as we make sense of who we are and how to express ourselves in the world.