The above picture is called “Integration” and represents the integration of the different parts of a person to create a coherent and authentic whole. From this place, the state of flow comes more readily and takes a person towards their future goals. This was SOLD in 2014.

The following picture is called ‘Out of the uncertainty’ and depicts the ‘Aha’ moments that come from a period of uncertainty and the way forward becomes clear.


The following picture is called ‘Mixed emotion’ and depicts how we can be experiencing a mixture of strong emotions at any one time that can be pulling our energies in different directions. Making sense of these emotions helps us direct our energy in a more focused way and move towards flow.


The following picture is called ‘Confidence’ and depicts the feeling of facing fears, stepping forwards to the edge and doing something you are capable of doing but have been doubting your own ability. It was inspired by discussions in a coaching group about following your intuition with your clients, not being afraid and going for it! The sense of flow that can come with this can be great and can lead to major shifts and growth. This leads to peak performance, pushing the boundaries in a safe environment, joy and alignment of mind, body and soul. I believe it is where evolution breaks boundaries and takes us forwards.


The following picture is called “Pathways” and depicts the many pathways through situations or life in general. Being open to the many pathways enables the state of flow to come more easily. Shutting down options and hinders flow. In creating this piece, Dawn took much inspiration from a Pakistani artist Inam whose work is displayed regularly at Whitewall Galleries in Guildford.


The following picture is called ‘commitment’ and represents the ability to continue on our path regardless of what hurdles, obstacles or distractions may come your way; remaining authentically ourselves.


The following picture is called Fearless and was painted in the Autumn 2015. It represents shaking off fear or anxiety in order to fulfil our dreams much in the same way that the Autumn leaves fall from the trees. So often our fears hold us back unnecessarily. Being able to conquer the feelings opens many new potential pathways in life.


The following picture is called ‘Concentration’ and is inspired from the sensation of fully concentrating on something interesting and absorbing such that everything outside of that thing starts to become a blur.