Creative Energy

Creative energy on the lose
A source of expression to quietly infuse

The troubled world with an inner calm
Some inspiration or a healing balm

For the hurt, the pain
The guilt, the shame

The constant stress
That’s left us in a mess

Humanity at odds with it’s own true self
Leaving deepest needs on a hidden shelf

Battling it out with each other and the planet
But you cannot fight with what’s made of granite

It’s time for respect to come to the fore
Of ourselves, each other and nature’s source

For all the major advances we’ve made
We’ve lost the balance and a price we have paid

But it’s not too late
We can act and abate

The damage we’ve done
Things have already begun

To shift towards more mindful living
It’s a time for healing, time for forgiving

It’s the only way we’ll find a way forward
That doesn’t involve more pain and torture