The idea of creating art regularly and doing this in association with my work as a counsellor, psychotherapist and life coach began around the time I painted this picture. It is inspired by Pewley Down which is very near to my home Guildford. In particular it is the view from Pewley Hill looking down onto the Chantry woods. It’s a place I visit regularly walking, running, cycling or just sitting on a bench. It is a true inspiration to me for many aspects of my life and I love to share it with friends. I also love watching the birds flying around often below the level I am standing at the lookout post. I can almost take on the feeling of flying with them for a fleeting moment. IMG_0705 Ambien Cr Order Online Zolpidem Mastercard Buy Zolpidem Online From Canada Cheap Ambien From India Ambien Cr 12.5 Online Buy Zolpidem Online India